The debate in the Sera Cloister

A quick movement, hands clap on each other, a hand flies in the direction of a laughing face. She stops shortly before this.

The Sera cloister is at a ridge. It is seen from afar the main meeting hall of the cloister underpinned by over 100 columns which belongs to the Gelupka order. Narrow alleys with side by side situated houses run through the cloister complex and gave him rurality.

„Whaaa!“ Voices can be heard which require after a dispute.Afternoon debating session im Sera Kloster

Feeling curious apprehensively I enter the courtyard surrounded by a wall. On white stones monks sit and stand with red habits in groups of three together.

The standing monk asks questions about the learned subject matter in every group. With their answers the sitters parse the acquired knowledge and skills critically.

A questioning monk approaches a sitter. His hands sever something imaginary. He then pulls up a hand, the other goes down. He seems to want to pull up the sitter. The voice sounds loud and argumentative.

Robustly like a rock the respondent sits there: Reflection – answering.

Afternoon debating session im Sera KlosterThe questioner loudly tries to show contradiction in the answers. The sitter quietly defends his opinion.

The roles are exchanged. The just still quietly sitter becomes a gesticulating enquirer. He spins very quickly on his own axis, stamps his foot, the hands clap on each other and hurls his questions in the direction of the sitter.

The debating time draws to his close. It gets quieter on the courtyard. A group of six monks sits behind a tree. They hold their conversation thoughtful and appraising.

The roles are exchanged in another group a last time. The enquirer thoughtfully runs up and down in front of the sitters. He formulates his request without symbolic body language.

Time is up. Talking and laughing with each other the monks leave the courtyard.

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